Due to being one of the biggest airports in Washington, BLI is also known to be very busy. To pass smoothly and ensure a safe and secure environment, passengers need to act according to the policy regulations that are under the control of TSA officers. All of the travelers are required to get to know all the procedures in advance. Most of them are common in all International Airports.

Security measures

The main priority of airport security is to keep travelers safe and provide balancing ease of travel at the same time. TSA is responsible for screening travelers flying from the Airport; Besides, they check each baggage. Currently, there is 1 TSA security screening checkpoint that has two passenger screening lanes. Before proceeding to departure gates, all passengers are requested to pass through a screening procedure. Sometimes x-ray scan cannot determine bags contents, so please consider to be cooperative in case security officers will decide to hand-search your bags.

Travel Tips

The TSA also encourages travelers to keep in mind several main recommendations before approaching screening checkpoints.

Arrival time

Since airport security measures require additional time, BLI strongly recommends all passengers to arrive at least 2 hours earlier than departure time. It is always better to contact your airline to receive information regarding arrival and departure times and check-in requirements.

ID requirements

For all 18 and older travelers, it is strongly required to show a government-issued ID at TSA checkpoints. Individuals under 18 are not required to provide an ID.