Bellingham International Airport provides convenient and dependable on-site parking services to all customers.

The main terminal parking lot

The Port of Bellingham works together with SP+, which is a leading national provider of parking services. SP+ is there for a passenger, to provide only the most convenient and reliable services to Airport customers.

One of its top benefits is that it offers passengers the closest parking lots to the airport terminal. Half of these available spaces are situated directly in front of the terminal building. This primary terminal parking lot services are available for 24 hours and do not require reservations in advance.

Parking services are free for anyone who will need it for less than 30 minutes. In case of parking for 30 – 60 minutes, the rate will be only $1. After that, customers will be charged for $1 for each additional hour. For a long-term period, such as 24 hours’ rate is $14.

Please consider that in case of wanting to park a vehicle for a more extended period than 90 days, it would be necessary to inform a company in advance. SP+ is ready to accommodate travelers for any period but asks to notify it in advance.

Economy parking lot

Another option for all passengers is an economy parking lot, which is located a bit further from the terminal than the main terminal parking lot. To offer the best services to customers, they offer free Shuttle Services for 24 hours.

The shuttle arrives with a frequency of 5-10 minutes and will take passengers from the economy lots directly to the main terminal. It does not require any reservation in advance and provides free parking services for the first 30 minutes.

For the time of 30 – 60-minute fee is $1. For each additional hour, customers will be charged with $1. In case of requiring parking services for 24 hours, the rate will be $10.