Taxi Service

There are a lot of different companies that provide taxi services. Bellingham Taxi, LLC, is a company that offers various purpose taxi services for 24 hours. Their service rate is $3/mile, with a $2.50 flag drop. All the drivers satisfy safety standards and are selected after a proper background check. All of the vehicles are smoke-free, which is also always a plus.

Also, there are a lot of other options that allow customers to choose due to their preferences.

Please keep in mind that to avoid scams and in the interests of traveler's safety, it is always better to use authorized taxis.

Hotel Shuttle Service

In the Bellingham region, many local Hotels offer transfer services to and from the airport. In the main passenger terminal of the BLI airport, passengers can find the Information Desks. Airport Assistants will help you find the Hotel and use its Transfer service if you have not booked it before your arrival.